Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How I'm becoming a hippie mama vol.1

They say becoming a parent changes everything. And that's true. But what I didn't expect was my gradual decline into a baby-wearing, organic detergent using, cloth diapering granola hippie.

Yet here I am.

I guess between watching Food Inc., my best friend's obsession with Paleo, and recall after recall of Aveeno and Johnson & Johnson baby products, I had just had enough.

So here is the story of how I fell down the hippie rabbit hole. Volume 1: baby food.

With Madelyn I told everyone I was going to make her food but truth be told, I was a completely overwhelmed parent for the majority of her first year and not once did our old blender produce an ounce of food for her sweet mouth. Instead, I bought Earth's Best organic food in crates from the grocery store and felt like a total failure. It was organic, she loved it, yet I was defeated. Hippie lesson numero uno: Chill the F Out.

Now here we are and Davis is of age to partake in solid foods. I'm in a much better place and have been planning on making his food for months now. I'm still the parent who turns down her nose at conventional apples, uses the phrase "flax seed" far too often, and who wouldn't give her child Gerber if his life depended on it (with a flair for the dramatic. Obvs.) But I realize I have limits. I'm a working mother. I'll do the best I can and he will be just fine.

So, I'll be using this weekend stock up on said organic produce and then proceed to steam, dice, and puree anything that will stand still long enough. I'll be proud of myself but I'll also know that there will be days when it's easier to succumb to the little glass jars and that's ok.

After all, I always recycle them.


Amy said...

Love this post... I've been planning a blog post on the changes we've made as I become a "hippie mama :)" I have regression here and there, but I have big plans for the new baby :) You'll have to share your successes and tips!

Lisa @ lists in my pocket said...

Good post :) It's good to give yourself a break every now and then. I'd love to see a cloth diaper post though too!

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