Sunday, February 6, 2011


One morning a few weeks ago (January 26th to be exact) I awoke to a blinding migraine. I rarely get headaches so it struck me as a bit odd. Matt and I had decided a few months back to start trying for another baby, and knowing I hadn't been on the pill I thought it would be wise to take a precautionary pregnancy test before I popped the extra strength Motrin.

Imagine my surprise when it was positive.

So was the next one.

And the next three I took that morning.

I took five pregnancy tests in the course of two hours, each more shocking than the last.

We were extremely blessed with the ease in which we conceived Madelyn but I never thought we'd get that lucky twice. I have friends who have or had trouble conceiving, so I'm not immune to the fact that getting pregnant naturaly and easily is truly a miracle.

We called the doctor, made our first appointment for when I would be seven weeks, and reported as scheduled. That appointment was today.

I'd been extremely nervous for reasons I can't explain. I think the first time around you're so naive and shocked you don't know what to expect, but this time I was cautious and concerned. In fact, I literally took a pregnancy test every three days until the appointment to make sure everything was still ok. I even took them out of town with me. It became a serious issue.

Today we saw a throbbing heartbeat on a little body that is currently only a quarter of an inch long, and which can be seen below. He/she is the little peanut-shaped body on the left.

We set another appointment for four weeks down the road at which point I'll be 11 weeks. And until then, we just pray that everything is ok.

I am excited, a little anxious, always somewhat nauseous, and extremely lucky :)


Katie said...

Awesome news! Congratulations :)

Kristin said...


Kristin said...

Aunt K is going to have another niece to spoil, since my prediction is a girl. But, I would DIE for you to have a little boy. Little boys looooove their mommas like no other. Not that I have firsthand experience, but whatever. ;) xo

Lisa @ lists in my pocket said...

Yay Jennifer! Congratulations, can't wait to hear all about your journey with this second little one. :)

Sara Brown said...

So exciting! I'm secrectly (ok, not so secretly) hoping it's a boy:)

Jenn said...

That's wonderful news, Jenn!!! So happy for you!!!

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