Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring---is that you?!?!

The weather here in Atlanta has been absolutely incredible lately! My mom was in town for the weekend and we took full advantage by spending as much time as possible outside.

On Saturday we packed up all of Madelyn's necessary accouterments and headed out to Serenbe, a precious little farm community about 30 minutes from our house. Serenbe is a large community that aims to be fully sustainable- all homes are green certified, the restaurants mainly serve food grown there on the grounds, and there is even an adorable B&B. And let me tell you, the restaurants are excellent, and I can't ever help but ooh and aah over the farmy-chic decor.

First we had lunch at The Hil restaurant. Yum. Then we headed over to the B&B which has tons of outdoor recreation to encourage you not to stay in your room and watch TV and instead enjoy the farm lifestyle. The highlight was this super fun in-ground trampoline. Madelyn didn't know what to think but she had a ball.

Then we walked the grounds "talking" to all of the animals--baby sheep, chickens, horses, bunnies, goats, an alpaca, a donkey, and a big ugly hog.

On Sunday we did a little bit of shopping then played around in the yard until it was time to take Gigi to the airport. Here is Madelyn modeling her new dress. I really can't believe how cute she is.


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Kristin said...

Seriously. I die. She is so cute. Let's go down there again this sprint before it gets too warm!!! I want to jump on the tramp again. Lol.

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