Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I have a great ass

Haaahhhaa. I couldn't help but title this post with something that would get your attention ;)

I had to share my new love with you: Mandy Ingber. Sure I have to share her with Jennifer Aniston, but that's a small price to pay for a hard bod.

See, Mandy is Jennifer's yoga teacher and the person Jen (I can call her that) credits with her ridiculously toned body. But she's not your average yoga teacher. She guides you through a yoga hybrid workout where you spend 8 breaths in an intense yoga pose and then follow it with two sets of 8 calisthenic moves and a pulse of 8 at the end. For example you hold a crescent pose which is a deep lunge position for 8 breaths and then go into two sets of 8 lunges plus the pulse of 8 at the end. It's hard. Really hard. Like it was hard to concentrate because my whole body was shaking.

But my favorite part is that when you really start to feel this exercise she starts to go into her mantra to keep you motivated, which from a yoga instructor is usually serious and about meditation, feeling the movements, etc... Mandy says "I do have a mantra, like every other instructor, it's "I have a great ass. I have a great ass".

Hysterical! She's so down to earth and super funny. And she's kicking my flabby ass into shape. Watch out, Jen ;)

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Emily and Dallas said...

I stumbled across your blog and think I need this video too! Haha. I see that you're in GA, and I'm originally from Gainesville, so we were practically neighbors! Love your blog!

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