Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It never fails...

Today began at 5:30 when Madelyn woke up, screaming incessantly, which is to be expected when you have bronchitis, an ear infection, and several teeth trying to make their way through. I fed her, put her down for a nap, and two hours later she got up (good nap!). She was having a really hard time breathing and wheezing pretty badly. Bad enough that I packed her up and immediately drove to the emergency room. It was windy, pouring down rain (thank you, Ida) and hard to see because I was crying so hard my tears were blurring my vision! (I'm a first time parent, panic is my middle name...)

As soon as we got there she was fine. Completely fine. But, to get in was no small challenge. I had to park way out from the doors to the ER, get the stroller out, run through what felt like hurricane Andrew to get inside, all while her diaper bag flung all over the place and my cell phone flew out and immediately shattered in a puddle. We got in, soaking and cold (just what a sick kid needs), but they checked her out and sure enough, her lungs are clear. She is obviously having trouble breathing because she is full of mucus, but not so much that we should be alarmed. Score of 1 for the overly paranoid mother :)

We are now back home, cell phone dried out and operating normally, resting and recuperating. I'm working while Madelyn plays in her pack and play as the doctor instructed me to keep her away from other kids as much as possible these next few days so the new stronger antibiotics can kick in. It is always something!!!

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