Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Work Life Balance

Week two of daycare began yesterday, and while I still think those women are somewhat incompetent (I'm not one to judge so you can imagine what they must be doing for me to say that), Madelyn does seem to be adjusting very well. They still do not seem to be following the schedule I gave them, regardless of the many times I've spoken to them about it. Today I mentioned it AGAIN when I dropped her off and Matt is going to play close attention to her feeding/napping times when he picks her up so that he can play the bad guy for once, if necessary. I'm confident they say mean things about me as soon as I leave every day, but that's out of my control.

In better news, my boss is allowing me to work from home a few days a week! So, on those days I get up really early and work for a few hours before Madelyn gets up and then when she wakes I take a break and spend some time with her. This gives us more time together in the morning and she ends up spending less time in daycare so it really is a win/win. I feel like it's the perfect work/life balance. If I've never mentioned how much I love my job, I really do love the position and the people I work with and for. I'm extremely lucky.

Enough about daycare- I can imagine after my recent rants I'm losing readers by the day, and seeing as how the only people who read this are my family, that is pretty sad!

Last weekend we went to the lake with a bunch of friends for a "no-kids" weekend (not my idea). Madelyn stayed with Matt's parents and survived just fine without us, and we got lots of time to float in the lake and relax. It was perfect. I love being out on the boat, it is such a de-stresser. Here are a few pictures from our adventures:

Heading out for a sunset cruise

The boys. My husband usually doesn't not have a mohawk, but he thought it would be funny. If you know my goofy husband, this will not surprise you :)

The girls- happily floating.


Heather said...

I am so glad that you came across my blog! You have a gorgeous family and what a fun time out on the lake!

Jenny said...

Love the news pics ;) Love the pics from the lake too!!

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