Friday, July 10, 2009

Daycare Drama

I waited until the absolute last minute to go pick out a day care. I think I was in denial that I was actually going to have to take Madelyn to one, so in my mind if I just postponed the activity it wouldn't happen. Unfortunately yesterday I realized I better get my act together or I'd have to take her to work with me when I go back on the 20th (realistically, this idea didn't sound so bad! Not sure my bosses would agree...)

So yesterday morning we ventured out to a daycare called Discovery Point which was recommended by a friend. It's brand new, very close to our house, a natural choice. Halfway through the tour I started crying (little did I know this would only be the first of many times I would cry on this day), but luckily it was hidden by my unnecessarily large but very stylish sunglasses. I saw these women that I don't know anything about, playing with these children that for all I know they could care less about, and I realized they could never care for my Madelyn to a standard I would find adequate. Yes they have a low student/teacher ratio, yes it was clean, yes they have an excellent curriculum, but these women could have just started here after being baggers at Publix for all I know. Let the waterworks begin. We got in the car, I had a major emotional meltdown, and we forged on to daycare number two.

I looked at SIX daycares yesterday. At one I was told they had a 6:1 student/teacher ratio, to which my response was "I'm sorry, I thought you just said six, I must have misheard you". Nope. Six babies to one woman. I don't think so. At daycare number four their idea of a curriculum was laying the children on the floor and blowing bubbles. Next. One was old and dirty but I loved the director. If only I could transplant her to daycare number one. Is it so much to ask that my daughter be watched by an enthusiastic, competent, CPR-certified, nurturing women with a high IQ and professional sense about them? I came home, cried, called my mom, cried, held Madelyn while she napped, cried, and then took some advil because I had a headache from crying so much. After talking to a friend who's son attends daycare number 1 we've decided they are the lucky winner. They are by far the best facility around (I would know, I saw them ALL), and I feel confident that Madelyn's basic needs will be met, and she'll be stimulated as much as you can do so with a two month old. Next week I'm going to drop her off on Wednesday and Thursday from 3-6 so I can attend dentist and hair appointments, and so I can try to tame the waterworks when I go back to work on Monday, July 20. More importantly, I'll be packing concealer and waterproof mascara for my drive to work that day. Everyone said this would be hard, but I don't recall anyone using the adjective "gut-wrenching" which is how I would most appropriately describe it.

That being said, I'm actually very excited to go back to work. If I could just bring her with me, the world would be a perfect place.

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Anonymous said...

"Who is it that loves me and will love me forever with an affection which no chance, no misery, no crime of mind can do away? It is my mother."

Jen, Madelyn will be ok, daycare will never replace you, but they will take good care of her..I'm sorry you are in such will be hard, no doubt

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