Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Night Out

Saturday night Matt and I ventured out for the wedding of a guy he grew up with. It was a night of firsts- the first time we've really gotten dressed up since Madelyn was born, first time we've left her with someone, and the first time we went out just the two of us! The sweet ladies in the church nursery watched her during the ceremony and then Matt's parents watched her while we attended the reception. Here is a picture of us all dressed up :)

The wedding was really fun and it was nice to get out for a formal event. But, I will say, I was definitely ready to get home to our little monkey, not only because I missed her but because I was exhausted! I am so boring, and I really crash around 9:30 these days.

This week our good friend Jenny is coming to take pictures of us which I'm so excited about. She takes amazing pictures and I highly recommend her! If you live locally, definitely check her out here:)

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Kristin said...

I LOVE this pic... I need you to print one for me to frame. Or, maybe I'll just wait for you to get the ones from Jenny. :) xoxo

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