Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Being home during the day I've realized that daytime television is an absolute disgrace. Many days I don't even turn on the tv. I can't stand soap operas or talk shows, so I usually end up on TLC or something similar. One thing I have begun doing is watching the Rachael Ray show. I am not a big fan of Rachael's. Nothing personal, something about her overly-bubbly personality just rubs me the wrong way. BUT, she has made some very yummy-looking recipes on her show lately, one of which is below. I made this recipe for Hula Joes for dinner tonight- it a Hawaiian spin on the sloppy joe, loosely based on a Hawaiian pizza. It's not the healthiest thing on the menu (absolutely NO veggies), but serve it with a salad and it's not too bad. It calls for ground pork but I used turkey. It's husband-approved and took less than 20 minutes- two major "pro's" in my book. Enjoy!

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