Wednesday, December 29, 2010

As promised...

As promised, here are pictures from our Christmas. Notice we did not get one single good family picture. I guess the 976 pictures of Madelyn will just have to do.

We kicked off Christmas Eve with a lunch at my house that included my mom, Matt's parents, his brother Luke and my new sister-in-law Lacie. Since I was busy cooking Matt dressed Madelyn for the occasion...and this is what she came downstairs in...

Camo. On Christmas.

Proceed to check "let Matt dress Madelyn for special occasions" off my list of things to delegate and add "my husband is a redneck" to list of items for he and I to discuss.

After lunch we moved on to presents. Madelyn helped uncle Luke open his gifts and then she moved on to hers which included her new BFF, this bear that is twice the size of her.

The next morning Madelyn eagerly tore in to her gifts, most of which we caught on video. The pictures really don't do it justice, so I'll just include one of her in her cute jammies. Aww.

The next day my mom headed back to Florida and we went up to Matt's parent's house where Madelyn proceeded to reorganize the tupperware cabinet and learn to "play" the piano.

And last but certainly not least--the snow!! It was gorgeous.

With Christmas and 2010 nearly in the books we're working on our family goals and plans for 2011, and just enjoying life being back to "normal". Of course, every time I say that some random cosmic act occurs which throws everything off, but for now, it's nice and quiet :)

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