Thursday, May 23, 2013

...and then my heart exploded

While on vacation in South Carolina earlier this month (more on that later) we hired a sweet photographer to attempt to capture family pictures. My mom and sister were in town and it's rare that we're all together since we live in three different states, so we took advantage.

I had low expectations. I mean, low. The only way I can get Davis to sit still is if I'm feeding him and I wasn't dying to have his lunch included as the fifth family member. It was unusually windy outside,  so much so that we had to change locations at the last minute. I was wearing white jeans, a questionable choice, and I hadn't even had a glass of wine yet (#FAIL).

And then the pictures came back.

And my heart exploded.

I'll spare you from having to look through everysingleone and force myself to just include the favorites. But really, I could have shown them all. For your sake, I'm trying not to be that mom.

Gigi and her girls

I die. I am literally dead.
I swear she gets prettier every day

Love his little expression

Daddy's girl

Few things will make a girl feel just plain lucky like looking through pictures of the beautiful family you helped create. This world would never be complete without those two little smiles and I dare you to convince me otherwise.

When I was younger and dreamed about having children I could have never imagined this joy and I'm so so grateful to have it documented.

If you are ever in the Charleston area I highly recommend using Amy for your photos. She was an absolute doll to work with and as you can see, knows her way around a camera :)


Kristin said...

This made me cry. I blame it on the hormones, but I sure do love you four (and Gigi and aunt lulu too!)! :)

Anonymous said...

This makes my hear smile :) You have a beautiful family

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