Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Highlights from the past week

  • Madelyn finally lets me put bows in her hair. As long as I sneak up behind her and she doesn't see me. And no one mentions the word "bow" which instantly prompts her to reach up, yank it out, then look at me like "how the heck did this get here?"

  • The same child also greeted me without a stitch of clothing on yesterday morning when I went to get her up for school. My little escape artist thought it was hysterical that she had figured out how to take her jammies off all by herself. It was cute, but her ability to outsmart me is becoming increasingly alarming.

  • Last week at my birthday lunch with Matt's family I had a few sips of a Krispy Kreme MILKSHAKE. You heard me. It tasted like a cold and creamy donut hot off the press. It should require 9 hail Marys and a 10k jog to make up for the way I felt after drinking it. Sinful, happy, and fat.

  • I'm going to Santa Monica for work next week. We're holding a meeting at a gorgeous upscale resort directly on the beach. I'm slightly excited.

  • I saw Eat Pray Love a few weeks ago. It was not good.

  • We saw No Strings Attached on Saturday and it was surprisingly good.

  • I am completely ob-sessed with these snap pea crisps. I eat them constantly. If you're interested, they're cheapest at Trader Joe's. Tell them I sent you ;)

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Kristin said...

I completely agree about Eat Pray Love. I was disappointed.

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