Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Puttin' my big girl panties on

Yesterday was rough. After being so grateful and assured that my honey was home for good, he was told at 9 a.m. that he'd have to leave that evening to go to Birmingham for two straight weeks. As I told Kristin, there are not enough profanities in my vocabulary to explain how I feel about this. So instead of cuss, I cried.

All. Day.

It was obnoxious, even by my standards. I'm not a crier and I'm not sure what happened. I wasn't prepared. I hadn't grocery shopped or cleaned the house, not to mention we had big plans to go up to the Clemson game on Saturday while Matt's parents watched Madelyn. Yes, a day together amongst adults together was just what the doctor ordered after all the time apart. Not so fast.

After a sleepless night I woke up feeling un-refreshed but less dramatic. Accepted there's nothing I can do, thanked God for giving him such a good job that he happens to love, and put my big girl panties on. Time to stop being such a baby.

Except now I'm watching Steel Magnolias and Shelby is in the hospital know how it ends. Great. This is just what I needed.

I'm still going to the Clemson game. I'm going to let Matt's parents watch Madelyn and enjoy the day with friends, even though my best one will be missing.

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