Friday, July 2, 2010

Like, woah

Well my dearest readers, consider yourself lucky. Last I checked you couldn't catch my super contagious strep throat through the computer. Lucky you.

One of my oldest friends Corry came to visit me from NYC on Wednesday and we spent the whole day in my bed eating saltines and watching daytime television, nursing my fever which held consistently at 102 until it jumped up to 103.8. Yesterday I went to the doctor and found out I had strep. Honestly, the doctor thinks most of the main things that were plaguing me (terrible body aches and a relentless migraine) were caused from the super high fever, not the sore throat. Now that the fever is gone I'm feeling much better. Still stuck on the couch lifeless, but definitely feeling an improvement.

In the midst of my strep, Madelyn has also been nursing a bad cold and learned how to climb onto the kitchen chairs. This doesn't sound like a big deal to most people, but to a mom this is like earth-shattering. I can no longer keep her contained to the ground. Now she's a little monkey climbing on everything and I chase after her making sure she doesn't fall off since she definitely hasn't mastered her dismount.

Matt gets home tonight from his two-weeks away but we found out this morning he has to leave on Tuesday to go to Alabama for a week and assess some hail damage from recent storms.

Woah. Mama needs a glass of wine, stat.

It's certainly not ideal that he'll be gone next week then come home for a short period and head up to Connecticut again, but hopefully little miss and I are getting all of our sickies out now so next week will be fun and easy.

The good news is, we'll be spending the weekend with all of our favorite friends, eating, drinking, discussing babies, jobs, and life in general. Life is good, strep or not (or is that the meds talking?)

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Kristin said...

I just noticed Cooper is still on your side bar. I miss that little guy. Feel better so we can play tomorrow!!!! Can't wait to see you and sing, "We're the three best friends that anyone could have and we'll never ever ever ever ever leave each other!"

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