Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mid-Week Highlights

Here are a few highlights from our week so far...

- Yesterday I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch and they came out so good I proceeded to eat three of them. I made them with whole wheat flour instead of white flour, so that's how I justified the overdose.

- Also yesterday, Matt's parents took us to PF Changs for my belated birthday dinner and I got to have their lettuce wraps which I absolutely love.
(you shouldn't be surprised that the first two items are food-related- clearly Madelyn is already developing a love of food like her parents)

- No news from the doctor which means I passed my glucose test and do not have gestational diabetes AND we have our last 3D ultrasound next Thursday. It will be Maddy's last glamour shot until she is born. I'm so excited to see what she looks like now, hopefully she's starting to get a little chubbier :)

- It was 18 degrees when I left for work this morning- if I had a "mid-week lowlights" post this would be in there, but since I don't, I'm just going to use the frigid temperatures as an excuse to hibernate and nest every night after work. And hopefully convince Matt to build me a really nice fire every night :)

- We ordered the glider for Madelyn's nursery! It is so comfortable and super super cute. I am very much looking forward to rocking both Madelyn and myself to sleep in it :) The chair will be in a white fabric and I'm working to have an ottoman slipcover and some accent pillows made in a pink/brown toile. (this is obviously just a sketch but it gives you an idea)

- I have been such a hard core-nester lately I've managed to clean out almost every closet, cabinet, drawer, corner, hutch, etc in our entire house. I've pared down everything to just the bare essentials and the rest is being given away. I really feel the need to make things as simple as possible. I am donating all of our old books to the local library (who I swear doesn't have anything past 1987- seriously--) and clothes to Goodwill; I've minimized our cleaning supplies, my makeup and bath products, kitchen utensils, everything down to just what we actually use. It is quite liberating, actually, and gives me a much clearer mind. Matt will probably never understand this about me.

- I have been spending time researching all of the great local activities we can partake in when Madelyn gets old enough. Having a child really gives you a good excuse to go do fun things on the weekends and I was so surprised to see all of the free events sponsored by our little town that we can hopefully visit this summer.

- I discovered free online photo editing! I am obsessed and can't stop playing with it. I made this little belly collage which obviously needs some work, but for someone who considers themself creatively-inept, it's not a bad start!


Kristin said...

Youre a dork. And, I love you for it. I wish you were coming to NY with us! xoxo

kristy said...

You glider is going to be sooo cute!

Jessi said...

You look adorable!!! Love PF Changs lettuce wraps!

Jessi said...

The pink coverup was from JCrew. I got it in 2007 for our honeymoon. I love it! So comfy!

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